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Dyslexia Education 

with Heather &Karina

Soar With Words, LLC

Dyslexia and the SLP: 


As speech-language pathologists, we recognize that the focus of prevention is the most impactful role that we can have when working with students with dyslexia. We are the key to “Upstream Thinking”. 


We are often the first professionals to come into contact with students at risk for later reading difficulties simply due to the nature of the development of reading and the direct correlation between oral language, speech sound disorders, and dyslexia. Whether in school settings, private clinics, or home-based settings, we often already have these students on our caseloads.

There are several ways we, as SLPs, can positively impact this at-risk population: educating other professionals on the early signs of dyslexia, assessing and screening students, and providing direct early intervention services. It is vital that we understand and help other educators and administrators understand the unique skills set we obtain to support early identification and intervention of dyslexia. 


"Heather and Karina came for a full-day presentation at our state-wide SLP conference. They did a fantastic job of providing evidence-based research, tools for evaluation and treatment, and real-world examples. I'm so thankful for professionals like them who are leading the way for our field in the area of literacy and dyslexia."

Kali Bernhard, M.A., CCC-SLP


"I highly recommend the Soar with Words Dyslexia 101 course for anyone looking for a must-have, comprehensive introduction to dyslexia. This course provides a foundational, well organized overview for those who are learning about dyslexia for the first time. But those with years of experience in dyslexia will also benefit from the most up to date evidence in the field. I've read dozens of books and research articles on dyslexia, but the Dyslexia 101 course sums everything up to provide high-quality expert knowledge and professional growth for anyone seeking to increase their knowledge and understanding of this learning disability that affects so many children and adults."


Jennifer Meece M.A., CCC-SLP



Arizona Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention

April 2022 in Phoenix, Arizona

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