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Trainings & Workshops

Online Courses Coming Soon!!


I offer trainings and workshops for parents, SLPS and Other Professionals  on the following topics:

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  • Basic facts about dyslexia

  • Dyslexia Simulations 

  • In depth Phonological Awareness Training 

  • SLP’s role in Dyslexia 

  • Reading Comprehension strategies

  • Written Expression 

  • Structured Literacy 

  • Full day presentations covering basic facts about dyslexia, assessment, and intervention

I have taken both courses that Heather has taught on Dyslexia 101: Breaking Down the "D' Word and "Assessing and Treating Dyslexia: What SLPs Need to Know." As an SLP with 7 years of experience, dyslexia was not a topic covered in my bachelor's or master's coursework, and it was not a common topic amongst SLPs or teachers in my jobs over the years. Not until recently, when I have begun to follow Heather's body of work and consult with her for specific clients, have I realized how imperative a working knowledge of language AND literacy disorders is to ALL SLPs. Through both of these courses, consulting with Heather, and utilizing the resources she has provided, I feel much more confident in my ability to recognize deficits, their impact on various areas of language, social and cognitive processes, and understand my role in treatment. Part 2: "Assessing and Treating Dyslexia: What SLPs Need to Know" was extremely helpful in breaking down what treatment would look like, and provide me with a roadmap for therapy. I have referenced the information from this presentation alone multiple times already and it has been a great tool for my language and literacy therapy sessions. I definitely know my education will be continuing in this area, but this has been such a wonderful starting point for my practice! Thank you Heather!!"

-Katelyn Oeser, M.S., CCC-SLP

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